Skill Group

Strategies and partnerships for an energy-sustainable future

Group of companies specialized in air handling equipment for installation in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Focused on energy saving and care for customization.


SKILL Group benefits from thirty years of experience accumulated by its member companies in design, production and sale of air treatment products and systems. As a result, the Group now offers a wide range of solutions for industrial, hospital, commercial and residential applications. SKILL Group configures the equipment combining energy efficiency criteria, high quality standard, and flexibility towards installer and user needs. SKILL Group is also proud to introduce BIOXIGEN, an innovative and unique sanitizing and deodorizing system which guarantees a significant improvement of the indoor air quality. This technology is applied directly in rooms or can be embedded in many equipments to prevent contaminations.

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SKILL Group can count on professional, dynamic and expert teams in all its member companies. Thanks to its extensive know-how, SKILL Group has established consolidated international trading partnerships and is respected as an important point of reference in the air treatment industry. SKILL Group innovates products also by using alternative energies in rational ways or increasing performances such as low operating noise or adding control system. Everyday principles as energy-saving and healthcare in sensitive areas are turned into pragmatic solutions and this is our focus also for future developments.


SKILL Group’s philosophy is based on the continuous renewal and development of technical and production capacities through investments in advanced technology and skilled human resources. SKILL Group researches new directions to apply its expertise and aims to an international presence remaining anyway faithful to its market and customers. The group blends the advantages of tailor made solutions to grow and develop markets in a larger scale, evolving alongside with customers. Each member company has its own services but together SKILL Group demonstrates strength of character: flexible production and prompt responses.

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