Heating solutions for domestic use


Skill Kalor‘s products are simple but with care in every detail. The pellet stoves are ideal for heating, technological, practical and safe for everyday use. With few steps are started, power automatically thanks to the stove’s internal tank avoiding the need to constantly revive the fire. With the remote control or with a click on the display you can set the temperature to achieve the desired thermal comfort with style. The high efficiency of SKalor stoves and the pellet choice, low cost fuel of natural raw material, make the stove an economic and ecological choice with savings for the family budget and benefits for the environment.

The product range includes also ductable models, designed for those who need to heat several rooms with a single heat source. The ventilation takes place directly inside the stove allowing a uniform distribution at low power consumption. The choice of a thermostove SKalor combines the pleasure of the flame in the environment, with the convenience and flexibility of a water system. With this solution it is possible to heat the radiators but also the domestic hot water. Choose the model that best suits your needs, with the desired colour.